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Can You Successfully Age at Home? What You Need to Know

A Client-Centered Practice

Everything we do focuses on the best interests of the client, whether that is the older person needing assistance or a younger disabled person. That sometimes means that adult children must set aside their own convenience and/or rise above their comfort level.


Our company has been helping seniors and their adult children for 18 years, which puts us the forefront of the rapidly growing geriatric care industry—and ahead of the curve. We have developed deep professional resources throughout the state over the years, and pay close attention to the ebb and flow of eldercare public policy. We are prepared for the tidal wave of senior care need that demography shows is almost here–with 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day.


Each client is assigned a personal care manager who provides the critical ongoing, day-to-day support. Each care manager is backed up by a team of professionals who review every case weekly. The team provides seasoned advice and guidance– a team approach to care management that allows others to step in and assist at any point.


Aging Solutions employees are just that—employees—not independent contractors who happen to be affiliated with an organization. For us, that translates into loyalty to Aging Solutions’ mission, better collaboration, and bundled synergies that can only come with a team approach. Our team includes a registered nurse, a clinical gerontologist, and an MFT.

In Addition

We listen, very carefully to everyone and do everything with great care. We are both pragmatic and extremely creative, to the great benefit of our clients and their families.


Our holistic approach means that we look at the whole person and the whole family for clues as to best meet the needs of client.

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Aging Solutions is a traditional fee-for-service small business, but we offer a complimentary initial assessment of your family’s situation.