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It can always get better, even when facing decline in a family member. We are constantly evolving across our lifespans, and this journey is no different.


We consider it a sacred contract when we provide support for your family. We treat your loved one as a longtime friend, and hold them in a compassionate embrace.


Providing outstanding and comprehensive elderly care management for families who want excellent care without compromise, freeing them to build a happy future.

team-based & purpose-driven

Passionate About Senior Care & Helping Your Family Thrive

You can be a loving, happy family that is growing and learning together throughout the whole journey. Let us handle the care management, you focus on your family’s future. 

We are committed to being the agile provider of whatever senior care solutions your family needs. The CARE Method℠ turns around almost any situation within 6-12 weeks.

Many of us at ASI have been through the process of a family member’s physical and cognitive decline due to dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, Parkinson’s, and so forth. We empathize deeply with our clients and recognize our common humanity in handling these matters. 

What sets us apart is our staunch belief, based on years of experience, that it can still get better, even during this challenging time! Our lives are made of learning and growth, and this journey is no exception. With our help, you can all evolve and flourish together.

There is no job or challenge we’ve refused because it was too difficult. When it comes to care, we’re unstoppable.

regain control & clarity

The Joy of Living is Still Within Reach

Aging, illness, decline and passing will eventually happen to all of us. We believe that these are a natural part of life and not synonymous with suffering and unhappiness. When we work with your family, we find ways to return you all to a sense of closeness, relatedness, and joy.

You didn’t sign up to become an amateur doctor or nurse, home health caretaker, care management professional, or constant supervisor, which is what DIY care efforts often become. 

The best support you can offer your cherished senior is restoring the family to wholeness while ensuring they have reliable, consistent, effective care and you are informed of every step that you wish to track. Get back to having  control over your lives.

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Committed, dauntless, compassionate

Meet Our Exceptional Multi-Disciplinary Team

The CARE Method℠ provides your family with a solid ensemble of care coordinators, advocates, and advisors. We work as a tight unit of professionals with the diverse skills to ensure your loved one’s care is flawlessly maintained without gaps, mistakes and preventable breakdowns. 

Terri Abelar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Greene

President & Chief Financial Officer

Helen Sandeman

Client Services Director

Eliza Roesler, Clinical Associate, Aging Solutions, Inc.

Eliza Roesler

Clinical Associate

Dr. Barbara Kamholz

Board-certified Geriatric Psychiatrist In Consultation

Tiffany Fischer

Nurse Care Manager

Nicole Hawk

Strategic Care Plan Director

get informed

Watch To Learn How The CARE Method Can Help Your Family

Terri Abelar, Founder and CEO, elderly care management expert, plus others from our team explain how the CARE Method℠ has helped families like yours. After the video, sign up for the free 30-minute consultation.

What Others Are Saying

The entire team at Aging Solutions is amazing and I highly recommend them! They provided the advice and resources we needed to properly care for my mother with advanced dementia during the final stage of her life. Regardless of the time of day, when a crisis arose, they responded! It was a very traumatic time for the entire family. Terri and her team gave us peace of mind because they had the solutions to our very immediate and critical problems.

Jim Santa Rosa, CA

When my 84-year-old sister-in-law became ill last spring, we immediately sought the assistance of Aging Solutions, as we had many critical questions but no experience with the acute care system. We had known about ASI through friends, but we had no idea how essential they would become in her journey. From our first contact with Helen, we experienced the high level of professional yet caring concern that were hallmarks of our relationship with them. Our phone calls and emails were responded to quickly and efficiently. I also always knew that I could rely on Terri or Nicole to communicate with both the staff at my sister-in-law’s acute rehab facility and with us. I am certain that having Aging Solutions as our representatives prevented us from having any issues during her stay. It is always difficult to be faced with the decisions for a loved one in an acute crisis. The staff at ASI will be your partners through this time. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sandra San Rafael, CA

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The sooner you take action to get help, the faster the situation improves. It’s natural to feel stuck, unsure, and immobilized. These are big issues that require professional support. Reach out for a complimentary 30-minute conversation.