In our initial consultations, Jonas’s adult children told us he was an 81-year-old diabetic with Alzheimer’s disease, living with his wife in a retirement community. Only one of the children lived in the area; the rest were scattered around the country. After many months of trying unsuccessfully to help him, they were emotionally and physically exhausted.

Red flags

  • Their dad’s personal hygiene and personal appearance had declined significantly, although he had fastidious personal habits all his life.
  • His memory was worsening very, very quickly; he unable to track simple actions and his demeanor was flat.
  • Although Jonas was a diabetic, his wife kept dishes of candy around the house. But she also put padlocks on the refrigerator to keep him from eating unhealthy food.
  • Jonas sat in his lounge chair and watched television all day long—exactly what a diabetic should not do.
  • Although he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, his wife was having Jonas sign new estate plan documents, which rescinded some of his rights. She was also isolating him, finding excuses to keep his children from visiting.

Aging Solutions Action Plan

  • We put together a strategy that included
    • reporting the situation to the appropriate authorities;
    • documenting the situation meticulously;
    • putting together a proactive care plan;
    • assisting the adult children in filing for conservatorship of their father.
  • Jonas’s Alzheimer’s symptoms seemed inconsistent. We arranged for an assessment by a prominent geriatric psychiatrist.
    • He found out that Jonas did not suffer from Alzheimer’s but from a serious brain condition.
    • Jonas underwent surgery, which resulted in much improved physical health. Because the condition had been untreated for so long, however, he recovered only some of his previous mental capacity.
  • Family members were required to be financially accountable.


  • Dad’s health got much better; he is now safe and thriving.
  • His $3 million estate was rescued.
  • His adult children took over his care and an extensive care plan was implemented, with measurable outcomes and full accountability.
  • His kids quit losing sleep and got their lives back.

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