Bob was an 82-year-old widower, an insulin-dependent diabetic who lived alone in the same house he had lived in for 45 years. Bob was mentally competent, but he refused to comply with his doctor’s orders and prescription medication instructions. His blood-glucose levels therefore remained in the 600-700 range, more than six times what they should have been. He drank alcohol and ate only processed foods. He drove a car when he shouldn’t have, and had even been threatened with arrest for his public behavior. His son, unable to stabilize his father after months of stress, called ASI.

Red flags

There were dozens of red flags over several months. The real problem was that his family didn’t know that there were services available to deal with such a complex situation.

Aging Solutions Action Plan

The ASI Team met with Bob and his son and negotiated an agreement that would allow Bob to stay in his home—something he was adamant about— in exchange for his giving up driving and complying with his doctor’s orders.

The team brought in a professional service to clean Bob’s home and to make it safe for him to live there.

The team also brought in a non-medical home care agency for 24-hour-day care.

ASI also discovered that Bob was not receiving Veterans Administration benefits he was entitled to, and that his prescription drug plan was not the best one for him financially. We helped Bob obtain a better prescription plan and the additional benefits.


  • Bob now complies with his medication regimen and with his diet orders and lives a much healthier life because of it.
  • Bob no longer drives his car, and so is no longer a danger to himself or others.
  • His isolation is now broken, and he visits senior centers and the public library several times a week.
  • His son is able to live his own life without the undue stress of worrying about his father’s behavior and health.

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