Betty, a widowed 81-year old with no serious health problems lived alone at home when she fell and broke her hip. She was taken to the hospital for surgery and then to a skilled nursing facility to recover. Her attorney contacted ASI.

Red flags

We went to Betty’s house and found:

  • It was extremely unsanitary and unsafe.
  • Several non-housebroken dogs and cats lived there.
  • Neighbors had noticed and were very concerned, but had no way to contact family members.

Aging Solutions Action Plan

  • Because of signs that Betty was in early dementia, we worked with Betty’s attorney to find a younger relative to act as her conservator. Conservatorship gave this person the legal power to make health and financial decisions in Betty’s best interests, with court supervision.
  • We cleaned Betty’s house, inventoried her possessions, and put in safety equipment. She returned home after two months in the nursing home.
  • We put services into place: 24-hour caregivers from an agency we knew and trusted. The Aging Solutions team paid regular visits to Betty, accompanied her to medical appointments, supervised her medication regimen, and supervised the caregivers.


  • Betty continues to live comfortably and happily in her own home, still under 24-hour-care.
  • Her younger relative/conservator, who lives in another part of the country, spends only a small amount of time worrying about Betty, knowing that ASI is there with her, acting as his eyes and ears.


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