Learn How We Help You

Aging Solutions are eldercare experts, with more than two decades of hands-on experience helping California families find reliable home care, transitioning aging parents to new, safe living situations, and acting as on-site eyes and ears of adult children living far away.


What We Provide 

  • Ongoing monitoring of services and care, while we keep you closely informed—no matter how far away you live
  • A realistic evaluation of issues your parents and you may have to confront; experienced guidance on handling complicated situations (which sometimes include elder abuse or financial exploitation)
  • Connections to reliable, trustworthy agencies and facilities
  • Help finding benefits you didn’t know about that could help pay for services
  • Consumer advocacy experience in dealing with health insurance and other bureaucracies

How We Do Business

  • We don’t accept fees from those who provide aging services in exchange for referrals to them.
  • We double-check everything—prescriptions, doctor’s instructions, trust documents, and everything else. Then we check again.
  • We follow a community-based model of care management rather than a traditional clinical one — a model that is increasingly advocated by care organizations nationally.
  • We are client-centered—everything we do focuses on the best interest of the client, usually the person growing older who needs help.

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Aging Solutions is a traditional fee-for-service small business, but we offer a complimentary initial assessment of your family’s situation.