The behavioral symptoms associated with declining memory function are distressing to
both seniors and their caregivers, and often lead to situations in which families are struggling to cope.

The CARE Method is a unique approach that aims to improve quality of life among people
struggling with cognitive and physical decline, relieving stress among families and caregivers.

We combine medication management with non-pharmacologic strategies to rapidly
address and resolve crisis situations

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Hispanic parents and daughter smiling outdoors
Group of multi-ethnic medical professionals

Our team works with your family
and other physicians to address
any concerns there may be about
changes in memory or balance.
Those changes often arise from
conflicts between prescription
medications and other issues, so
we take a close look at this
potential problem area
By assessing medications,
supplements the environmental
factors, our team will often
make modifications while
carefully monitoring
the results.
More often than not, those
changes bring positive results.

Jim’s family came to Aging Solutions desperate for help. Jim was 82 years old and was about to be evicted from the senior community where he had lived for several years. Jim's behavior and interactions with the community had recently changed for the worse. He had become angry and agitated and would yell obscenities so loudly they could be heard up and down the hallways. Still physically fit, Jim had become violent as well, punching holes in his apartment walls but also outrunning his caregivers when they tried to restrain him. He had been banned from the dining room and other common areas.

A second local senior community had rejected Jim's application to move in. His family realized that no other community would accept Jim as a resident as long as these behaviors continued. His family had expended huge resources—emotional as well as financial—trying to manage Jim and they were nearing a point of exhaustion.

ASI's CARE Method team aimed to stabilize Jim's behavior rapidly so he would not be forced out of the community with no place to go.



We may be able to improve
the physical and mental
condition of current and
Residents who you believe
would be appropriate to remain
in or move in to your
community if their mental
status and physical safety were
Home care clients who are at
risk of transitioning out of their
own homes due to mental or
physical changes.
Patients who are experiencing
frequent falls, ER visits and
requiring an excessive amount
of time and attention from your