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Delilah: Saved From Eviction

When We Started

Delilah was an 85-year-old with a colorful past. She suffered from dementia and was being evicted from her assisted living community. She would yell out profanities, hit and kick the staff and throw things during her more agitated moments. Delilah was refusing care and did not have family in the area to advocate for her.  She desperately needed someone on her team.

At the time, we found that she was:

  • Taking 10 prescription medications at a total of 22 pills per day
  • Suffering from 24 diagnoses, including dementia
  • Being evicted due to her behaviors
  • Refusing care and her medical group was unable to meet her individual care needs
Portrait of a senior woman

Interventions We Performed

  • Delilah’s medical and psychosocial needs were evaluated and appropriate interventions were implemented.
  • We developed an individualized care plan using some creative ideas such as showing her a picture of her favorite doctor when we wanted her to eat and drink or comply with taking medications, and reading magazines with her while eating pastries with her favorite tea.
  • We implemented enrichment activities and outings

Outcome for Delilah

  • Prescription medications reduced to 5, with only 9 pills per day
  • Delilah was able to remain at the facility and we even planted a “victory garden” for her
  • 24 hour caregivers and nursing staff provided the individualized care she needed
  • Delilah lived out her days in comfort, with dignity