Our Philosophy

Since its founding in Southern California in 1997, Aging Solutions has been providing Client-Centered Care Management to elderly and disabled adults. Everything we do focuses on the best interests of the client, that is, the person needing assistance. We work closely with those people whom the client is close to, including spouses, adult children, and extended family, and associated professionals.

Aging Solutions provides well-executed Client-Centered Care Management (also known as Person-Centered Care) with the goal of avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations and trips to the emergency room. Our client education assists the client in making better life decisions, in conjunction with their health care providers and support system, so that health care system utilization can be sharply reduced, while quality of life is enhanced.

What makes Aging Solutions unique in this space is that we approach care holistically, and maximize the integration of community services at the local level. Although physical and mental health will always be of paramount concern for anyone in the later stages of life, we are not exclusively focused on medical condition. We also look at the other important life frameworks that could be attenuating  a client's quality of life--such as legal, social, or financial issues. This approach minimizes the need to use an already overburdened medical system as the default resource for a client in need of help.

A Team Of Geriatric Care Professionals

Each Aging Solutions client benefits from the work of a team of care management professionals, including a consulting geriatric psychiatrist, a certified Physician's Assistant, and a Registered Nurse with dementia certification. Our care managers interact directly with a client’s medical team to clarify care issues and troubleshoot in support of a primary care physician's treatment plan.  A client’s physician still has ultimate authority over medical treatment in the Aging Solutions model; Aging Solutions never provides medical treatment or therapies, nor authorizes nor denies medical services.

In many instances, Aging Solutions acquires a new client during a crisis involving a significant change in a client’s physical health or mental capacity. Once the client is situated securely and stabilized, he or she will experience a significant improvement in quality of life under our coordinated care approach. Not only is our care management approach more beneficial, it is usually more cost-effective for the client, their family and the local health-care system.

If you would like to learn more about Aging Solutions and our client-centered care management philosophy, please call us for a free consultation: 415.324.5088.