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We want to share anything we’ve found or learned, heard or experienced, that can support, empower and uplift you on your family’s journey. Reach out to us directly anytime with questions or specific issues you want us to address.

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The CARE Method Changes Lives

The CARE Method℠ improves difficult behaviors, expands your options, reduces costs, and makes life better for everyone. This is a short-term, 6-12 week, highly focused, gentle intervention that makes rapid changes you can’t achieve on your own. Our care management team brings all the caregivers, firms, professionals and systems into reliable coordination and harmony. We put your lives back on track, sooner than you think.

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What They Say About Us

Debra Pasadena, CA

Aging Solutions was the most important factor in ensuring my stepmother received excellent care and attention during her five-year struggle with dementia. Living more than 500 miles away, they were also my touchstone for peace of mind by keeping my closely informed. They responded quickly and efficiently to answer questions and find solutions to problems, with close attention to keeping me in the loop. The team interfaced with my stepmother’s health care providers and home-health workers, arranged for her move from home to assisted living, handled issues that came up during her tenure at the facility, and gave me much needed guidance during the most difficult periods of my stepmother’s decline and end-of-life. Each of them treated her with respect and kindness. They brought joy and happiness to an otherwise sad and difficult situation. It has been two years since my stepmother passed but I'm still so grateful for everything they provided.

Susan Baer, CLPF Sonoma, CA

As a certified licensed professional fiduciary, I often have clients that need an exceptional level of care and strategic planning to help them live their best possible lives. When faced with situations not of their choosing, they dig in, refusing much needed help, medical care, and the inevitable changes to come. This is when Terri Abelar and her team of professionals can work magic. They have worked with me with some of these difficult transitions to achieve excellent outcomes. They form a trusted team with skills and experience that quickly gain the client’s confidence and gradually implement the increased level of care and lifestyle changes needed to help them transition successfully. The communication is excellent. But mostly, their kindness, caring nature and professional manner is the winning combination. I would recommend them to anyone who is in the position of trying to help a family member or friend. Particularly an older person with dementia. By bringing in professionals, individuals can maintain their personal relationships. The heavy lifting can be done by Aging Solutions. In the end, everyone benefits.