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We Are There for You at Any Point in the Process

In the trenches beside you every day, we’re fierce about making sure all care is provided correctly and effectively, with dignity and tenderness. We coach family members through difficult moments and decisions, and ease gaps in communication. Count on us to hang in there until calm and balance return.

The love between a mother and daughter. Shot of a daughter visiting her senior mother in hospital.

Hospital Discharges

They’ve come through a medical emergency or procedure. Now, you need a facility, or new caretakers, or additional services because their needs have increased. Trying to sort through the options and decisions alone is more than one can manage alone, even professionals. Our approach is team-based so you have an entire qualified and experienced crew that handles the new caretaking needs.
upset senior woman holding walking stick, covering face with hand and crying at home

Care Facility Breakdowns

Things can go wrong in care facilities, and more than ever these days with the general caregiver crisis (read more). Your beloved senior might undergo experiences or emotions that cause them to act out, even disrupting or harming themselves or others. We can step in and change the direction of things fast, often restoring the situation and preventing further problems.
Senior doctor giving hope and comfort to patient

Sudden Crises

This transition is a non-linear progression. Things can change suddenly and without warning. Contact us immediately when a steady and stable situation blows up and you are faced with an unforeseen crisis that needs solid and professional intervention. We can take on the problem and restore the original situation or move to a better one seamlessly and fast, returning your family to stability.
Elder with Alzheimer and dementia lost memory forgot login password man help care and consolation

Early Stage Anxiety

Small and subtle changes creep in that may not be very noticeable at first. You may find that your loved one is procrastinating and avoiding their regular routines. This is a time to note these changes and sensitively discuss what’s happening. Anxiety, denial, and avoidance and are natural reactions to this process. Taking action to get qualified support before things get difficult is wise at this stage.
back view of senior woman hugged by husband, sick on dementia

Mid-Stage Confusion

Confusion shows up in many different ways. Forgetting names of objects, people, losing a sense of direction when driving, failing to take medications as prescribed, memory loss and confusion about events and timing, resultant agitation in the late afternoon or early evening. Increasingly erratic sleep patterns, waking at night, compound the problem. It’s time to reach out for help.
Desperate frustrated senior woman screaming in pain with hands on ears

Late Stage Overwhelm

A variety of critical symptoms become impossible to ignore. Loss of the ability to speak in complete sentences, paranoia, delusions, memory failure, fading in-and-out of awareness, excessive napping. Frequent agitation, aggressive behaviors, refusing medications and bathing, failing to recognize people close to them. They may be losing the ability to ask for help. Call us today.

Feedback That Matters

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and your kind words of comfort and condolence. But most especially for your many years of dedicated and loving service to my mom. We truly could not have made it as far as we did without you and I know that my mom’s life was better because of your assistance.
GinaInland Empire, CA
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help and expertise during my father’s recent bout of health problems. Your information and counseling have made a difficult situation considerably less stressful. Thanks to your advice I was able to devise a reasonable plan of action, get my parents to accept it, and see it through to a satisfactory conclusion. Your services are extremely helpful for those of us dealing with elder care for the first time. Many thanks for all of your assistance.
C.Murrieta, CA
I am part of the ever-growing “sandwich generation” attempting to provide the best support and guidance for an aging parent. I found Aging Solutions, Inc. when trying to obtain a neutral, yet professional assessment of my parent’s needs (mental, physical, etc.). The people at ASI were always open, candid and honest with everything. Most of all, each member of the team has been very patient. This is a skill that many organizations are lacking when dealing with the elderly, elderly within marginalized populations and specifically those suffering from mental health diagnosis.
DorindaElk Grove, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it matters this much, there are certainly no dumb questions, only unasked ones. This is a new and often scary terrain to cross. We want you to feel completely at ease in reaching out to us and inquiring, probing, examining all aspects of our services compared with your needs.

We are care coordinators, advisors and advocates. We do not provide in-home care, caregivers, or medical services. We have on our staff a geriatric psychiatrist, physician’s assistant, registered nurses who are licensed and certified in dementia care and memory loss support, elderly care managers, experts in clinical care. However, a client’s physician still has authority over all medical treatment in the Aging Solutions model; ASI never provides medical treatment or therapies, authorizes or denies medical services.

Our approach is the CARE Method℠, a short-term, gentle intervention that restores balance and control within the emerging situation for everyone involved, usually within 6-12 weeks. Working as a team of diverse specialists, we develop a customized care plan for your loved one. Then, we interface with health care support retained by you, bringing expert management and supervision to all aspects of your loved one’s care.

Our team interacts directly with a client’s medical team to clarify care issues and troubleshoot in support of a primary care physician’s treatment plan. Each client benefits from the work of a team of care management professionals, including a consulting Geriatric Psychiatrist, a Dementia Certified Physician Assistant, Dementia Certified Registered Nurses, Elderly Care Managers, and Clinical Liaisons.

Overall, we bring multiple levels of seasoned experience, creativity, innovation, and compassion to you. Our team becomes your team. Nothing falls through the cracks anymore. You’re informed and updated consistently. Life improves for all of you.

If you are lacking adequate in-home health care support, we can help by connecting you to our network of trusted and reliable resources. We never take any referral fees for this.

Our rate is $250 per hour. Once we’ve completed a thorough analysis of your case, we distribute the work to the professionals on our team most suited to your loved one’s needs. Working as a team, we stay tightly focused on your family’s case, including daily oversight, weekly review and strategy sessions, recording and sharing of vital information, ensuring clear communication between parties, and expert medical oversight.

Generally speaking, costs will be greater in the beginning and gradually lessen as we make progress. We are staunch advocates of  utilizing community, state, and federal resources to reduce your costs. Those sources of support can have a significant positive impact, and save a family quite a bit on the investment.

We bring a whole range of expert and talented professionals, including a geriatric psychiatrist, dementia certified physician’s assistant, licensed and certified dementia care nurses, and elderly care managers under one roof at one hourly rate.

Each care plan is custom-built in collaboration with the family. You’ll know the investment up front and without confusion. If variations arise in the course of care as they often do, we maintain steady communication with you so there are never surprises.

Especially because of the focused approach of the CARE Method℠, we are adept at leveraging local and community programs to reduce overall costs.

We are usually able to turn around even the most complicated and difficult situations within 6-12 weeks. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on the severity of the issues and condition of the client. However, sometimes it also takes less time. We’ve produced excellent results in as little as a month or less in certain cases.

Our objective is to bring the situation under control, stabilize and balance all aspects of care, and set up structures going forward so you can trust that your loved one is well cared for, and you can put your attention on other matters.

That said, we are frequently asked to provide long-term care, even through end of life. We have supported clients for as long as necessary and requested by the family. in one case, we were engaged for 12 years until the person passed.

We are there for you, with the CARE Method and beyond, for as little or as long as you need us. It’s that simple.

How often we wish this was the case, but it’s almost always not. Because of love and commitment, we often feel we could handle these matters by ourselves on behalf of our cherished elder. But that’s a mistake and a crushing illusion if you pursue it, in most cases.

Even our founder and CEO, Terri, whose mother is ailing, has the team at ASI help her out! If anybody could DIY these issues, it would be her. And she knows better than to try. Plus, she will readily tell anybody that they are going to need help navigating the elderly care landscape. That’s the voice of extensive experience speaking.

Then, to exacerbate the matter, there is massive shortage of care workers in all domains across America, right now. Elderly care nurses and professionals — especially of any quality — have become increasingly hard to find and retain. We offer excellent support with that because over the 25+ years we’ve been in this field, we’ve developed a reliable and trusted network of professionals and experts that we make available to our clients.

This is not an easy journey on any level, logistics, finances, emotions, relationships are often strained. We make that easier in every respect. So, this is a great question for discussion during your 30-minute consultation.

Perhaps your situation is one in which you need some expert coaching and advice for a while and then you can handle it by yourself or with your family. If so, fantastic. We have supported families like that, too, by providing coaching, insights, direction, and mild intervention.

If this question is on your mind, use the free consultation to explore it. We want this to be as straightforward and effective as possible for you and your family.

We often do exactly that. We have served clients all over the world, and frequently around other parts of the US. The eldercare landscape across the nation is in deep crisis, so we have stepped in to help in many other states in the US.

Huge numbers of our precious elders find themselves alone and unsupported. The immense pressures faced by the “sandwich generation” trying to balance elder care and child care make the situation worse.

We have the privilege of being almost proxy family for many of our clients. By providing the loving care for your beloved elder when you can’t be there, you lose stress and regain peace of mind knowing that their fragile health and wellbeing is supported by competent professionals.

The data we gather and provide for families like yours brings you closer to your loved one again. We make sure you are informed of more than only the obvious factors like medications and activities. We go further and offer you a window into their lives and world. You’ll feel connected, even at long distances. You and they will both feel calmer because that connection is vital.

Our commitment is uncompromising to your family being whole and related as happily as possible throughout this journey.

We believe it’s of tremendous importance because so many large and corporate operations, impersonal and soulless, have moved into the elderly care domain. That might be of benefit on rare occasions, when someone wants an almost machine-like approach. But we think there’s a far better way. Nobody wants to subject their loved ones to yet another heartless system that doesn’t care much about people. That’s a big risk in elderly care management.

Our employees own the business so they have a stake in the welfare and satisfaction of every single client. Moreover, we take a team based approach to each case, examining it as a multidisciplinary group,  bringing our various kinds of expertise to bear, and develop the optimum approach for your beloved elder.

And finally, we are family owned and operated business for all of our 25+ years. Terri Abelar, Founder and CEO, is married to Richard Greene, President and CFO. Our team has been together for so long that we have become a family. You are asking us to care for a member of your family, and we think that the spirit of our family ought to be behind providing that vital support.

We’re proud of being a business based on these principles and values. (Check out the About page for more on this.) We’ve been featured in numerous articles for this and other accomplishments, a few of which can be found on the Resources page.

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