Is it Time for Mom or Dad to Give up the Car Keys?

These three pictures simulate the transmission of light to the optic nerves of people aged 20, 60, and 75.


Age 20

Age 60

Age 75


According to Mark Green, a visual expert and psychologist, an older person's eyes adapt, so the world doesn't look quite as dark as it does in this photo. But there are many other conditions, such as increased light scatter, micro cataracts, and restricted fields of view, that further limit the vision of an older person. Read More.

I Don't Know How to Stop the Driving
There are many theories about what to do to stop a dangerous older driver. If you ask 10 people for a solution, you'll get 20 different answers. But how do you know what is the best approach for your situation or family member? That is where we step in to help you come to terms with the best approach.

Do You Worry About What Would Happen If Your Parent Has an Accident and Injures or Kills Someone?
If you are acting as a power of attorney or have other legal authority over your parent and you know that they are compromised when it comes to driving, you may be held personally and legally responsible, or even criminally liable if something bad happens while they are still driving. It is often difficult for a dangerous elderly driver to give up the car keys without prompting. We can give you the advice and encouragement you need to develop an action plan. Read More.

Do You Feel Guilty About Being the "Bad Guy" Stopping the Driving?
We can help.
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