Services for Professionals


Trust officers, conservators, and fiduciaries with legal responsibility for an elderly or disabled adult are not always able to ensure that their clients receive optimal personal care and medical services.

Aging Solutions bridges this gap.

Aging Solutions provides geriatric management services to financial and legal professionals for the elders or disabled adults in their care. Our experience gives you a unique tool set: we oversee the personal and health care needs of your clients while also supplying you with the rigorous documentation and meeting the other standards for accountability and transparency required by the court.

Aging Solutions understands your responsibility for the continuing financial vitality of the person under your care, and for ensuring a high quality of life for them as well. We act as your eyes and ears, supervising, overseeing, and above all, providing the necessary checks and balances to ensure that beneficiaries' funds do, in fact, benefit them.

Independent, Objective Geriatric Management Services

We ourselves do not serve as conservators, fiduciaries, or trustees. We are independent third parties; that means our recommendations to you or to the court are independent, objective, and in the best interests of your clients.

Aging Solutions provides a team approach to client care, which maximizes the efficiency and comprehensiveness of our geriatric management services for professionals, including:

  • Providing independent, objective oversight of personal care services and household maintenance needs
  • Identifying administrative cost savings and streamlining procedures
  • Accompanying clients to medical appointments, so that physicians’ orders are well understood, and that health care is continuously assessed to be appropriate, thorough, and cost-effective
  • Identifying active or potential financial exploitation for your diminished-capacity clients, helping to make them whole, and eliminating future abuse
  • Helping identify and provide access to all physical, mental, educational, creative, cultural, or recreational services
  • Ensuring that all benefits to which a client is entitled, including below-the-radar government benefits, are being accessed

If you would like to learn more about Aging Solutions' care management services for professionals, please call us for a free consultation: 415.324.5088 or toll-free, 877.301.9702.