Meet Aging Solutions

Terri Abelar - new

Terri Abelar - CEO and Founder

Since 1988, Aging Solutions’ founder and CEO, Terri Abelar, has been one of California’s leading consumer advocates helping older Americans. She has designed or helped design pioneering programs and services for seniors, and has given expert testimony on elder care issues to legislative committees in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. She has helped thousands of seniors and their adult children deal effectively with the emotionally draining issues that arise when seniors’ needs are changing and their need for services increases; she has also helped families recover millions of dollars in property and assets.

Her expertise on elder care issues is sought by medical and legal professionals and the media, and she is an effective and powerful speaker to groups on contemporary elder care and elder abuse issues. Before founding Aging Solutions, she was a social services supervisor at the Riverside County Office on Aging, where she specialized in elder abuse prevention, and helped develop The C.A.R.E. Program for interagency partnerships that in its first years, saved taxpayers millions of dollars. As part of California’s insurance advocacy program for seniors, HICAP, she counseled and fought on behalf of seniors seeking benefits denied to them by managed care health corporations, and those baffled by Medicare’s ever-changing policies and rules.


Barbara Kamholz, M.D. - Geriatric Psychiatrist in Consultation

Dr. Barbara Kamholz acts as a consulting geriatric psychiatrist to Aging Solutions, Inc., and leads The Care Method team. Dr. Kamholz has deep knowledge and experience with the complex cognitive disorders that afflict older adults—including dementia in all its forms, depression, mood disorders, and memory problems. Barbara has also made a specialty of delirium, an acute condition that can overwhelm the mind and she is an expert in the psychopharmacology of older adults. Barbara is board-certified in geriatric psychiatry, having received her M.D. from Drexel University in Philadelphia, with postgraduate work at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital, Georgetown University, and the University of Pennsylvania, where she did her geriatric psychiatry fellowship. She has taught psychiatry in medical schools at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan, Duke University, and the University of California San Francisco, and is co-author of numerous peer-reviewed papers. Barbara continues in private practice in Marin and San Francisco while consulting with Aging Solutions.


Nicole Hawk, PA-C - Director of Strategic CARE Planning

Nicole is Director of Strategic Care Planning for The Care Method and is a certified physician assistant. Although Nicole has treated hundreds of patients in a variety of clinical settings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, her role at Aging Solutions is in administering and supervising the CARE Method, bringing her medical knowledge to bear on ensuring that all elements of the CARE Method are optimally focused for each client: developing and overseeing care plans, supervising information and data flow, interviewing clients and families, collaborating with team members and third-party specialists, and ensuring deadlines are met. She also works closely with the Data Integration Coordinator to produce critical data from the program’s measurable outcomes. Nicole holds an M.S. in Health Science from Drexel University’s Hahnemann Physician Assistant Program, and a B.S. from Kutztown University.


Tiffany Fischer, R.N. - Dementia Certified Nurse-Care Manager

Tiffany Fischer first began thinking about nursing as a career while in the Marines, doing a job about as far removed from nursing as you could get—loading bombs and other explosives onto combat aircraft. However, her duties at a Southern California base also included helping to get wounded soldiers out of aircraft arriving from Iraq and Afghanistan and ensuring their quick transfer to military medical facilities. The injuries and trauma she witnessed in that job inspired her to enroll in the nursing program at Nazareth College in upstate New York, from which she graduated four years later. Nazareth’s nursing program emphasized not only medical knowledge and skills but also the skills necessary to provide patients “culturally congruent nursing care to individuals, families, groups, and communities in and across all environments.” This component of Tiffany’s training makes her an especially valuable member of the Aging Solutions team, allowing the company to assist families across the cultural spectrum. Tiffany also knows well the value of teamwork–another skill acquired courtesy of the Marine Corps.


Helen Sandeman - Director of Client Services

Helen Sandeman offers an extensive managerial background focusing on client support and services. Helen provides continuity for our clients and their families, coordinating with our care managers and trusted providers to get you the assistance you need quickly and successfully. She is also a skilled graphic designer and a talented alto vocalist in the choir at St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Belvedere.


Richard Greene - President

Richard has responsibility for the non-client-focused daily activities of Aging Solutions and the CARE Method team. He holds an A.B. in English from the University of Southern California and an M.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University.