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Schedule a Free Consultation

A Complimentary Initial Assessment of Your Family’s Situation

Thirty minutes is usually enough for us to grasp the basics of your family's situation and see what might lie ahead. 

  • Make an appointment online or email us or call 415-324-5088.
  • We’ll send you back a short questionnaire to fill out.
  • You'll send it back.
  • We'll contact you to set up a time that works for everybody. Multiple family members can participate via conference call or video conferencing.
  • Or you can visit our office in San Rafael in person.

More About the Initial Consultation

  • We’ll ask about current health, medical history, living situations, and legal and financial issues;
  • We identify current problems, a variety of approaches or solutions to those problems, and any potential obstacles;
  • We identify any further assessments that may be necessary;
  • We begin to create a care plan, and short-term and long-range action plans.

We Work with Families Long-term

  • We provide expert senior care management by acting as your eyes and ears – monitoring and managing and coordinating of the work of third-party home-care services.
    We do not supply home care workers ourselves.
  • We accompany seniors and aging parents to medical appointments to ensure that doctors’ orders and medication instructions are followed exactly
  • We find other services and amenities you might not know about that will improve your senior’s quality of life
  • We connect you to reliable, trustworthy agencies and other professional services


Your communications with Aging Solutions are at all times confidential. We adhere to HIPAA privacy standards for health information.


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