Step 3: Why You Want A Team of Professionals

A Team Approach

Aging Solutions brings cutting-edge approaches and practices to geriatric care management and elder care services.
Each client benefits from the knowledge of an entire professional team, which includes a gerontologist and a registered nurse. Our clients and families benefit not only from a wide and deep body of knowledge, but also from the synergies that occur when caring professionals like ours collaborate.

A Unique Caregiving Model

Caring for the elderly in America has traditionally focused on medical needs. The reality—and our experience—is that seniors need help across many aspects of daily living, help that we can identify and assist in providing. Our Elder Care Services include:

  • Medical issues—Are medications being taken properly, and not overprescribed? Is there a clear understanding of doctors’ orders? We verify and monitor.
  • Legal issues—Are documents in place and easily accessible to everyone who will need them?
  • Social issues—Isolation is deadly for seniors. We can help broaden horizons and identify opportunities for socialization.
  • Financial issues—Often, government or other benefits are available to an older parent that they either don’t know about or have forgotten. We also make sure that seniors are not being victimized or exploited financially.

Employee-Based Services

Everyone who works for Aging Solutions is an employee, not a contractor or consultant. Many other care management companies have individual professionals who act as independent contractors and are not employees. Our commitment to our clients requires employees who subscribe fully to our mission. We also have high standards for our employees and this translates to the best of care for all of our clients.

If you would like to learn more about Aging Solutions and our unique approach to elder care services, please call us for a free consultation: 415.324.5088.

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