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be a family throughout the whole journey

We are expert care coordinators, advisors, and advocates who bring together all your caregivers, agencies, and support services under one, unified senior care management service.

Balance & Quality of Life Restored

Get Back to What Really Matters for All of You

Providing comfortable senior years for your parents while pursuing your career and raising a healthy family can seem impossible. The senior-care landscape can be confusing and frustrating, bogged down by outdated and overloaded systems.

Going it alone is difficult if not impossible. Whether you are at the anxious, uncertain and early stages of this journey, or feeling the overwhelm and exhaustion from trying to go it on your own for too long, we can help. 


The CARE Method

The CARE Method℠ improves difficult behaviors, expands your options, reduces costs, and makes life better for everyone. This is a short-term, 6-12 week, highly focused, gentle intervention that makes rapid changes you can’t achieve on your own. Our care management team brings all the caregivers, firms, professionals and systems into reliable coordination and harmony. We put your lives back on track, sooner than you think. 

Young practitioner doctor working at the clinic reception desk, she is answering phone calls and


We contact all service providers and caregivers, collect and organize all data and records, confirm schedules and appointments, and make sure nothing is forgotten or slips away.


We extensively review all documentation and records, evaluate the overall set up, develop a list of changes needed for optimal care and lifestyles for the whole family, and prepare to get into action.


We implement planned changes, start coaching and educating the family, remake the environment around your loved one so it's safe and supportive, establish lines of communication.


We go beyond maintenance and routines to provide a living situation for all that is satisfying, joyful, and even growthful, because we believe that life always keeps unfolding into greater beauty.
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Founder & CEO

Terri Abelar Explains

Listen to Terri explain how The CARE Method℠ works and why it is so effective. Over the course of her decades of work in senior-care management, she has been trusted by key agencies and institutions in the field. She has served as a fierce advocate in elder abuse cases, has worked extensively with the State of California, assisted law enforcement investigations with the FBI, and has testified before Congress. 

“The elderly care system is failing to adequately care for our loved ones. At ASI, we challenge the system and people in positions of accountability to get the care our clients deserve. We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Once we get involved, you can trust that the care providers you’ve put in place will deliver excellent care for your family.”

Attention to Every Detail

Management, Coordination & Oversight Par Excellence

We are dedicated to one aim: Restoring balance and calm to your lives, giving you the opportunity to be a family and continue growing throughout the whole journey. Our commitment is to enabling you to keep growing and building your family’s future while providing excellent care and support for an ailing family member. 

We step in with compassion, competence, gentleness, strength, focus, and joy. We consider it a privilege to support your family and enjoy the challenges that we face every day. We treat your loved one as a longtime friend — no request, need, issue, or detail is too small.  

Under our management, the caregivers and agencies you count on will be tightly and effectively coordinated to get the job done for your loved one. 

Helen Sandeman

Client Services Director

Eliza Roesler, Clinical Associate, Aging Solutions, Inc.

Eliza Roesler

Clinical Associate

Nicole Hawk

Strategic Care Plan Director

Tiffany Fischer

Nurse Care Manager

Clients Express Appreciation

Diana Tiburon, CA

I could have never given my friend, KK, the attention she needed without the help of Nicole and Aging Solutions. I truly couldn’t have gotten through the last four years without you. The weekly reports and constant attention that KK received had a lot to do with her living longer than expected. I will forever be thankful for Nicole and ASI!

Christopher New York, NY

Aging Solutions provided my mother and family with excellent comprehensive care management services, from overseeing care in her home, to expediting the transition to an assisted living facility, and setting up a great system to monitor my mom’s condition and care. They also provided a referral to an excellent geriatric psychiatrist. I can’t speak highly enough about their service.

Del Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for everything you’ve done for my father. There are so many things we couldn’t have done without you! You’ve made the little things come together and the big things happen. Sometimes people make things so hard, but you’ve been there the make it happen. On behalf of my father, sisters, and myself, thank you so much!

Start with a Conversation

What To Do Next

The senior-care system in the U.S. is at best disorganized, uncoordinated, and breaking down under the widespread shortage of care professionals and especially caregivers. Reach out to us for a consultation about your options and potential strategies. We’ll share insider insights and knowledge based on decades of experience, so you can make intelligent and cost-effective decisions for your family.

Complimentary Consult

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to explore your family's options and pathways forward. The education you'll gain in this short time is essential, critical information that you'll need to plan a healthy future.

1st Step

Discuss Information

Take time to consider the information and your options. Then, get back to us for a detailed CARE Method℠ proposal. We'll craft the exact plan needed that sets up your structure and optimizes your resources.

2nd Step

Let Us Help

Let go of managing the logistics, medications, and caregivers, and wrestling with support services. Spend that precious time enjoying life as a family, and remaining close throughout the journey.

3rd Step

Complimentary Consultation

This consultation is an educational overview of your choices and potential strategies for your loved one and family. We’ll show you how to avoid wasting time and money. You’ll get insider knowledge and be able to make smarter decisions. Ask questions, get straight talk and actionable answers. Schedule the conversation, talk with us for half an hour, and things will look much brighter.

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