In-home care? Assisted-living? Nursing home?

Aging Solutions are eldercare experts, guiding adult children to the best care options for their aging parents or other relatives—options that ensure an optimal quality of life.

With Your Kids?

Isn't Dad Too Young To Be Forgetting So Much?

Aging Solutions' CARE Method pulls together a physician-led team of geriatric specialists that conducts a short-term review and assessment for seniors encountering balance or memory problems.

We All Have Different Ideas About What's Best for Mom

Aging Solutions brings focus, compassion, and more than 20 years of hands-on experience to the family conference table—finding compromise and the best ways to move forward with helping mom or dad.

Dad Really Shouldn't Be Driving Anymore, But...

We've been helping stressed-out families tackle touchy subjects—and achieve consensus—for more than 20 years.

Aging Solutions - How to Age at Home

How We Can Help You

Aging Solutions has been helping stressed-out adult children for more than two decades. We are California’s eldercare experts: we crisis-manage, troubleshoot, monitor, and advocate for the best quality of life for senior parents whether that's at home, in an assisted-living, or in skilled nursing. We are fiercely dedicated to finding and maintaining high-quality eldercare for you and your family.

Little girl looking through toy binoculars

We'll Be Your Eyes and Ears

We create and implement person-centered care plans in consultation with families and physicians, then coordinate and oversee to ensure that the highest standards for care are being met. We are independent and impartial: we do not accept referral fees from facilities or any organizations we may refer you to.


Memory or balance issues?

Aging Solutions' CARE Method® brings a physician-led team of geriatric specialists together for a short-term assessment of common aging difficulties, such as memory lapses and unsteadiness on the feet.